Complete guide on Al Noor Island in Sharjah

Al Noor Island

This beautiful Al Noor Island is located in Sharjah. Find things to see, timing, entrance ticket, near by places to visit and more.  The majestic city of Sharjah has been known for its amazing activities, along with visiting the vibrant landmarks across the place. Various heritage sites, along with traditional ceremonies and events, are concluded around the Sharjah destination for visitors to cherish their time. Numerous cafes and posh bistros can be spotted around Sharjah, selling the best ethnic dishes in the city.

Visitors and tourists can also enjoy their time on Al Noor Island and immerse themselves in the captivating activities along the way. A few of the important details along with the enjoyable activities to conclude, are sufficed below for the audience.

Brief Overview

This is a great destination to enjoy the impressive natural sightings and relaxing activities to cherish across the location. Al Noor Island has literary pavilions, a sanctuary, outstanding lighting decorations, art sculptures, and a café located around the premises here in Sharjah.

The nearest locations, like Al Qasimia and Al Majaz, are only 10 minutes by car from the Al Noor Island location. Visitors coming to the grand destination can also enjoy the Butterfly House with various colorful butterflies to check out close here. A kid’s play area can also be spotted across the destination for children to avoid getting bored around the destination.

Activities to Enjoy Around Al Noor Island

Various activities can be enjoyed around Al Noor Island in Sharjah, and a few important ones are suggested below for the readers.

1. Visit the Butterfly House

Visitors can enjoy their time along the Butterfly House here at Al Noor Island. More than 500 butterflies can be spotted along the way, with 40 colorful species to check out here. The enclosure is climate-controlled for the butterflies to survive and conclude their activities along the way. Don’t forget to check out the Dubai butterfly garden where you can see varieties of butterflies at one place.

2. Admire the artistic sculptures

Al Noor Island also has six variable art installations along the way for art lovers to rejoice around. The egg-shaped OVO, the Fossil Rocks, the Torus structure, and the abstract set of elongated columns are a few outstanding art installations available to check out here.

3. Walk around the literature pavilion

Visitors can enjoy the serene ambiance of a meticulously crafted garden with fountains and reading areas. Guests can check the Urdu calligraphies and also enjoy reading poetry here on the premises.  There is other several tourist spots that cover under Sharjah city sightseeing tour.

4. Witness the lighting decorations

Visitors coming to the Al Noor Island location can enjoy the vivid lighting decorations across the place. Bright neon lights with LED settings and the majestic natural surroundings glow up during the evening time.

5. Check the Kid’s Play Area

This place also has a kid’s play area for the tiny tots to immerse themselves in a variety of activities along the way. Slides, swings, and even rope climbing activities can be engaged around the this premises.

The best time to visit Al Noor Island

The best time to visit Al Noor Island is during the cool winter months. October to March is the perfect time to opt for an excursion around the location and immerse yourself in captivating activities around the place. Sharjah is known to get super-hot during the summer, with temperatures reaching up to 44 degrees here. Thus, daytime outings should be avoided during the summer months. There is other several attraction places like Miracle Garden Dubai and  Dubai Green Planet which is family friendly destination.

Nearby Places to visit near Al Noor Island

Various outstanding locations and splendid landmarks can be checked around Al Noor Island, and the popular ones include:

Entry Ticket

The entry fee to enter inside the Al Noor Island is about AED 36.

How to reach Al Noor Island conveniently?

This place can be easily reached using public and private transportation. RTA buses E303, E303A, E400, and E306 connect this place with other parts of the city. Private cabs and shared taxis are also available to reach here  pretty conveniently. Also check the free places to visit in Sharjah here.

Map Address

You can also check the Google map here.

Wrapping Up

To wrap up, these are a few important details and things to do around the Al Noor Island location in Sharjah. Visitors can enjoy spotting the beautiful butterfly variants while immersing themselves in the literature section available here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any café available around this place?

Yes, Noor Café is a distinct cafeteria available around the premises.

Is there a spot for enjoying yoga here?

Yes, yoga sessions are conducted for visitors during the sunrise time here.

Can visitors attend any workshops around Al Noor Island?

Yes, visitors can attend the gardening workshops and classes conducted here.

How many butterfly species can be checked around the Butterfly House at Al Noor Island?

Around 500 butterflies of 40 distinct species can be checked at this location.

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