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Hatta Mountain Tour

Experience majestic Hatta Mountain with our one and only  Hatta Mountain Tour. A visit to Hatta Fort Hotel, Hatta Heritage Village, Wadi Hub, and the list goes on. Book the Hatta Mountain Tour with us today!

Tour Detail
Tour Duration: 8 Hours
Tour Availability: Daily
Adult Price: AED 1050 for up to 6 Persons
Pick up & Drop: Included
Pickup Time: Depending on availability

The Hatta Mountain Tour brings you to a land of breathtaking beauty. The majestic Hatta Mountain standing tall with the deep blue waters of the lake at its feet is a stunningly beautiful sight. Even the winding road that takes you to Hatta Mountain passes through places blessed with amazing scenic beauty. As the powerful 4×4 vehicle we use to reach Hatta makes its way through the roads, you can capture some amazing snaps. It’s a half-day tour that has you exploring the ancient heritage of the region as you admire the beauty of the majestic Hatta Mountain.

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The Inclusions of Hatta Mountain Tour

  • Go on a short trip to the picturesque Hatta Dam.
  • Take the opportunity to admire the beauty of the Hatta Hill Park.
  • Enjoy a visit to the spellbinding Heritage Village Hatta.
  • Click unlimited pictures of the surrounding Hatta Mountain.

Highlights of the Activity

  • Start the day with a scenic drive riding a 4×4 jeep. As it speeds through the rough terrains, you will experience a next-level thrill.
  • You will definitely get a small halt during the journey so that you can try the roadside local food.
  • Upon reaching the Hatta Heritage Village, the beauty of the age-old forts and the monuments will take you back to the Emirate’s past.
  • The serene beauty of the Hatta Dam will definitely please you. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing beauty of the Hatta Mountains enclosing the dam.
  • We will be taking you to the carpet and the pottery market.

What’s Excluded

Any personal experiences and anything not mentioned above.

Essential information

  • Kindly bring your passport when going for the Hatta Mountain Tour.
  • We only provide fully air-conditioned vehicles.
  • Our vehicles can accommodate seven passengers (at a time).
  • We ask the guests to book the activity at least 48 hours in advance. You can contact us for the booking process.
  • All cancellations done before 24 hours of the scheduled activity time will be 100% refundable. After that, the cancellations will attract 100% charges.
  • Trip rescheduling before 12 hours will be done for free, but it should be done within the same year.
  • Pregnant women or anyone with heart or back issues should avoid participating in the activity.
  • Everyone must wear comfortable and loose-fitted clothes since it is a daytime activity.

Things to Do

Kayaking at the Hatta Dam: Admire the astonishing beauty of the Hatta Mountains when you go kayaking in the blue waters of the lake created by the Hatta Dam. This is one of the most popular attractions of a trip to Hatta Mountain, a major reason that makes it a favorite among travelers who love the beauty of nature.

Visiting the Hatta Heritage Village: The Hatta Heritage Village takes you back in time to a land where you see the remains of an ancient civilization. Yes, you might feel a bit spooky here as what used to be a thriving village is today a desolate land. If you are lucky, you may also get to watch cultural events organized here every year if you land at the village when they are being held. You are sure to be intrigued by artifacts of the age displayed here that include various instruments and weapons.

Enjoy a Relaxing Stroll at Hatta Hill Park: Enjoy panoramic views of the stunningly beautiful Hatta Mountains and the blue waters of the lake. Perched on top of a mountain, the views from Hatta Hill Park are absolutely amazing. Step into cozy huts here where you can savor delicious BBQ food. As you munch on delectable dishes prepared by expert chefs, the beauty of the Hatta Mountain takes your breath away.

Go on a Thrilling Mountain Safari: A safari through the Hatta Mountains is a truly thrilling ride that showcases the enchanting beauty of the place. The safari takes you to mountain trails with separate ones for beginners as well as seasoned pros. The views from these mountain trails are just breathtaking. The snaps you take here are sure to make you a sensation on social media in an instant.

Booking Policy

Cancellation Policy

  • Any cancellation done before 48 hours of the tour is eligible for a full refund.
  • Cancellation done within 48 hours of the tour will attract a 100% cancellation policy.
  • Please note that this tour is subject to favorable weather conditions. In the event of cancellation due to inclement weather, you will have the option to reschedule for a different date or receive a full refund.

Kids Policy

  • Kids below 3 years old can join the activity for free.
  • Other above 3 years must pay the standard charges.

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How do you reach the Hatta Mountains from Dubai?

You can reach the Hatta Mountains from Dubai, a distance of 132 kilometres in an hour and a half by taking the Sharjah-Kaiba Road/E102. You’ll love admiring the stunning views as you drive along the winding road.

What's the best time of the year to visit the Hatta Mountains?

The best time of the year to visit the Hatta Mountains is either the spring during September and October or during February and March when it’s autumn.

What are the best places to visit on the Hatta Mountains Safari?

The best places to visit on the Hatta Mountain Safari are the Hatta Dam, the Hatta Hill Park and the Fossil and Camel Rock. While the first two are known for the spectacular views they offer, the Fossil and Camel Rock are unique rock formations.

What are the best places to stay when visiting the Hatta Mountains?

The best places to stay at the Hatta Mountains are the Radisson Red Hotel, The JA Hatta Fort Hotel and the Zaya Al Barari Hotel.

What are the best things to do at the Hatta Mountains?

The best things to do at the Hatta Mountains are to go kayaking  at the Hatta Dam for some adventure, visiting the Heritage Village there for a peek into the region’s history or spend a night camping at the Hatta Hill Park beneath a starlit sky.

How good a venue is the Hatta Mountain for a picnic?

The Hatta Mountains are perfect for a picnic with your family and friends for company. The stunning vistas, the lush greenery and the separate zones for barbequing make the Hatta Mountains absolutely perfect for a picnic. Add to that the various adventure activities like hiking and kayaking and the place makes your picnic unforgettable.