Jebel Jais Mountains in Ras Al Khaimah

Top 10 Places to Visit in Ras Al Khaimah this year

Ras Al Khaimah is held as a historically significant region of attraction in UAE and sparks off the culture and beliefs of Emirati life. Many archaeological excavations have lent the place with a rich cultural history. Ras Al Khaimah is the gateway to a different culture and era that tourists always find exciting on their trip to UAE.

Take a look at the best ten places to visit when you are in Ras Al Khaimah.

Jebel JaisJebel Jais Mountains in Ras Al Khaimah

It lies around 55 km northeast and is a part of Hajar Mountain with a history that dates back to 7,000 years. Jebel Jais is famous for being the highest peak in UAE that assures every tourist with life’s most breath-taking adventure. Jebel Jais viewing Deck Park gives an amazing 360 degree angle of the place.

Other activities that can be done in this area are hiking, backpacking, and sightseeing with tour guides. The temperature allows a year round holiday schedule with ample room for abseiling and canyoning. Jabel Jais also plays host to cafes with lip smacking foods, and beverages.

Beaches at Ras AL-khaimah

Popular beaches at Ras Al Khaimah

The beaches are dotted with luxury resorts, and a captivating scenic beauty. Additionally, this place has witnessed a remarkable boom in infrastructure and other facilities for the comfort of tourists. If you book one of these resorts, you can have your private access to a pile of golden sand.  Cafes, bars, lounges, and restaurants are in plenty to keep the guests amazed in the region coupled with sunsets and water sports.

Jebel JaisZipline

Jebel JaisZipline

It is simply perfect to spend a long and lazy weekend, and has an array of interesting activities on its palette as well.  The scenic mountain range that the destination allows for is almost like a visual retreat. The experience is further amplified by mountain trekking, ziplining across canyons at discounted prices.

Mountain trekking also involves other activities like climbing and zip lining and is only accessible by people who are between 12 and 65. Guinness World Records has certified the Jebel Jais Zip as the world’s largest and most intriguing zip line to have existed ever.

National Museum at Ras AL-khaimah

National Museum at Ras AL-khaimah

Situated inside a fort, the museum has an incredible collection of ethnological as well as archaeological arte facts. With its admirable assemblage of documents, treaties, and important manuscripts, you should never miss out on this place. It is located in the western region and displays some rare and obsolete weapons belonging to the ruling family inside whose residence the museum has been built.  The museum is a great place to dig into architecture, pearl diving, and farming. Don’t miss to visit the Louvre Museum which is located in Abu Dhabi.

Dhayah Fort

Dhayah Fort

It is an architectural magnificence dating back to the 16th century, poised on a hilltop and once functioned as a military tower.  Almost like a waltz through history, the site provides ample view of other ruins, and watchtowers as well. you can also get panoramic views from this site.


The zoo houses white lions, golden tigers, cheetahs, rare antelope, kiwi, and a range of other beautiful birds. Since taking pictures is allowed it is the perfect place for fun and frolic, and spotting beautiful, endangered species.

Desert Safari

Desert Safari

Well-planned safaris and BBQ dinner give a surreal experience in the desert region. Plan your thrills, and adventures in advance so as not to miss out on anything exiting. Activities in the area include dune bashing, quad biking, camel riding, and sand boarding to take picture perfect shots of your UAE holiday bash.

Khatt Hot Springs

Situated near the Hajar Mountains, the place is replete with means of a more exotic kind of relaxation for the tourists. The place has three natural mineral water springs and is regarded as one of the other viable options for a weekend gateway. Khatt Hot Springs is in itself the most miraculous creation in the midst of Arabian Desert with regular modification works beautifying the place. Therapeutic body messages, precious stone treatments, and spacious rooms can also be availed at this place.

Al Sawan Race Track

Al Sawan Camel Race Track

Built on a total area of 10 km, camels are trained here for racing as part of UAE’s tradition and heritage. The best time to visit the place during the weekends during the cooler month to relish in its pleasure. Dunes and Ghaf trees form a natural boundary to this place, races generally take place on October throughout the winter.

Locales and tourist alike crowd this place to watch the camels in action. If you are willing to pay a visit, make sure to book a taxi in advance for they remain unavailable during the later part of the day. You can attend the Camel races absolutely for free with all the new and sophisticated  training techniques that now have been incorporated to make the morning more enthralling.

Pearl Museum

It brought huge economic growth for Ras Al Khaimah till the late 19th century and exhibits major emirate occupation spanning centuries. All the risks, and techniques associated with each such professions are also showcased inside the museum along with a unique display of pearls in its first floor. Methods and equipment required for harvesting pearls also get their quota of exhibition in the museum. In a nutshell, Pearl Museum is a wonderful amalgamation of history and culture of UAE. You can access the place round the year for a dive into the past.