Sand Boarding

What is Sand Boarding

Sandboarding is an extreme sport that can be enjoyed along sandy terrain and dunes in a desert. Sandboarding, popularly known as sand surfing, allows adventure enthusiasts to get strapped onto a board and slide through the massive dunes and sand pits available around the desert area. The main concept of sandboarding is to maintain balance and slide down the slopes, similar to snowboarding or roller skating. Unlike seasonal sports like snowboarding, the sandboarding activity is conducted any time of the year, but on sandy terrains and land areas. The sport first came into existence in Egypt and is now conducted across various desert regions around the world.

Sand Boarding Dubai

History of Sandboarding Sports

The history of sandboarding started in early Egypt when people enjoyed riding down the massive sand dunes along the Nile on hard wooden boards. The sport became pretty popular, and various places started conducting it in the desert regions around it. Nowadays, many important competitions and contests are organized for sandboarding events around the world, with professionals and amateurs participating in the contests from different places. It is also believed that sandboarding was pretty profound in China and was conducted around 600 AD. Important references also associate the sport with Brazil, the USA, and even some regions around Melbourne.

Proper methods of Sandboarding in the Desert

Individuals are opting to participate in sandboarding activities in the desert with a strong sandboard attached to their feet. Individuals can opt to sit up, lie down, or even stand on the sandboards to slide down the huge red dunes of the desert. For all these exercises, individuals need to be fit and should have some knowledge and body-balancing skills with skateboarding or cycling. The main hurdle is to slide down at the beginning. Individuals need to maintain their weight and balance to avoid tumbling down the dunes and incurring serious injuries. For beginners, it is important to bring a professional to the rides to assist them during the sandboarding activity in the desert. This activity is conducted at VIP Desert safari Dubai where you can enjoy this sports.

Essential Notes to Check Before Sandboarding

  • It is important to check for the proper equipment and accessories with security gear before participating in the activity in the desert. Some operators do not provide the proper equipment, which may result in serious injuries in the desert.
  • The surface of the sandy dunes is pretty hard, and thus professional assistance is needed before conducting the activity in the desert.
  • Applying paraffin wax can help make the sandboard slippery for the sliding process.
  • Deserts can get super-hot and humid in the summer, so carrying a water bottle with skin protection is necessary in the desert region.
  • Avail official tours with trusted operators and agencies conducting the sandboarding tours in the desert.

Essential Equipment & Safety Gear

Before participating in a sandboarding activity, it is essential to utilize some safety equipment and gear for the purpose. The distinct safety equipment for sandboarding activities may include helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, proper shoes, and gloves. The sandboard should also need to be light but strong, with paraffin wax applied to the outer surface. This paraffin wax would help reduce the friction and make the sandboards slip easily over the sandy terrain in the desert. Sunglasses and eyeshades are also important to restrict sand particles from entering the eye here in the desert.

The Best Time to Sandboard Around in the Desert

Sandboarding is not a seasonal sport like snowboarding and can be enjoyed any time of the year. The only thing to keep in mind is that we would need a sandy terrain to participate in the activity in the deserts.

The sandboarding is conducted at Red dune desert safari and Evening desert safari in Dubai.  The deserts are prone to a hot and humid climate during the summer season, so it is best to avoid sandboarding activities during that time. Winters are much cooler and a great time to enjoy the sandboarding activities during that time. It is also advised to wear proper safety gear and equipment before participating in sandboarding activities along the desert terrains of the world.

Why Sandboarding is a Popular Sport?

The sandboarding sport is a mix and match of relaxation, thrills, and leisure activities around the desert zones of the world. This sport has become pretty popular in recent days because it does not require much training or skills to enjoy the activity. Individuals can pretty easily learn to balance their weight while sliding down the colossal sand dunes around the deserts. Another significant aspect is that this sport can be enjoyed by any age group and can keep individuals fit and healthy for their lives. Do check the Desert Safari Dubai packages where this activity is conducted.

Concluding Notes

To wrap up, these are a few details regarding sandboarding activities and the proper equipment and safety gear needed to enjoy the sport in the desert terrain. Individuals can get assistance from professional trainers to learn and gain skills and knowledge before participating in the sport. Various operators and agencies can be found across the world conducting these thrilling sandboarding activities around various deserts across the world.

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