IBN Battuta Mall in Dubai

IBN Battuta Mall in Dubai – Review, Facts, Wiki

The Ibn Battuta Mall, which is located in Dubai, is considered to be amongst the biggest shopping malls which you should not miss while you are in the city. It has been named after the reputed scholar and explorer named Ibn Battuta. Here, you will be capable of shopping to your heart’s content, hanging out, dining, and being entertained.

IBN Battuta Mall in Dubai

Information about Ibn Battuta Mall

  • This particular mall will not disappoint you in case you want to plan your holiday during the shopping festival season in Dubai.
  • This location comprises as many as 6 different areas with aesthetics of as many as 6 different nations. These countries happen to be Andalusia, India, Egypt, Persia China, and Tunisia.
  • If you want to perform shopping to your heart’s content, then this Mall will be ideal for you.
  • Ibn Battuta Mall will provide you with eateries with different cuisines, amusement options offering the best theater experience, as well as remarkable shopping outlets.
  • This Mall will satisfy the requirements of individuals of all ages and genders.

Shops and stores at the Ibn Battuta Mall

The retail outlets at this mall are known to sell everything from cosmetics, top-notch electronic commodities, global fashion brands, furniture, accessories, home décor, and so on. Here, we have mentioned some renowned outlets at the mall that deserve mention.

  1. CATH KIDSTON – Here, you will come across branded accessories and garments for the kids designed by reputed designer Catherine Isabel Audrey.
  2. CARTER’S – This outlet will be suitable for you if you want to purchase baby clothes while you are in Dubai.
  3. SWAROVSKI – This particular outlet has a reputation for marketing gorgeous accessories and jewelry that have been encrusted with gems.
  4. ALDO – This will be an ideal place for all those who are searching for fashionable footwear and accessories.
  5. ECCO – At ECCO, you will find the most recent and stylish footwear, particularly leather shoes in Dubai.
  6. SEPHORA – In case you are searching for top-quality makeup brands then this particular outlet is going to satisfy your desires.

Things to do in Ibn Battuta Mall

1. Shopping

As already mentioned, this mall consists of several outstanding outlets that will provide you with various types of products under the categories of garments, cosmetics, fashionable items, electronics, footwear, luggage, toys, and other lifestyle selections.

2. Dining

It will be possible for individuals to enjoy mouthwatering food items thanks to the presence of lots of restaurants, food courts, and Cafés in the shopping mall. Here, you will come across local as well as international recipes including Italian and Asian dishes as well. Several outstanding food joints such as Pizza Express, McDonald, Subway, Yo Sushi, Cold Stone, TGI Friday, Keventers, Starbucks, KFC, Baskin Robbins, and so forth will be found right here.

3. Kids’ play zone

It will also be possible for the kids to remain entertained at this mall where they will be able to jump on trampolines, run around, as well as attend various workshops. Make it a point to pay a visit to Chuck E Cheeses for spending your day with your near and dear ones where you will be able to engage yourself in some enjoyable activities and games.

4. Movie time

Novo Cinemas will provide you with the opportunity of watching the most recent movies while traveling to Dubai. It happens to be a multiplex cinema hall that showcases films in various languages. Novo Cinemas is known to show IMAX, 3D, as well as 3DIMAX films much to the amusement of the visitors. Apart from this, you will also find a bar and a restaurant attracting lots of crowds.

5. Spa

The good thing is that you will come across many outstanding spas in the city which will help you to pamper yourself and enjoy a massage for relaxing your nerves after walking the entire day in this huge shopping mall.

Other services

Apart from all the enjoyable things provided by this Mall, the authorities also make certain that the visitors are properly looked after. Here, we have fleshed out an astounding set of services provided at Ibn Battuta Mall right now.

  • Valet parking
  • Personal emergency assistance
  • Paid shuttle service
  • Car wash services
  • ATM facility
  • Wheelchairs
  • Lost and found facility
  • Baby changing rooms
  • Prayer rooms
  • Currency exchange

Top 5 facts regarding Ibn Battuta Mall

  1. This mall is considered to be the biggest themed shopping mall on the planet.
  2. It comprises 6 fashionable courts which will make you simply mesmerized.
  3. The design of this mall has been inspired by the various regions through which Ibn Battuta traveled consisting of Egypt, Andalusia, China, Persia, India, and Tunisia.
  4. Ibn Battuta Mall was opened in the year 2005, and here you will find more than 300 outlets.
  5. The shopping mall provides parking for more than 5,000 vehicles.

How to reach

The simplest way to reach the Ibn Battuta Mall will be to drive right there. Taking the exit on interchange 5 after driving straight on Sheikh Zayed Road towards Jebel Ali will be a good idea. Following this, you need to turn right at the crossroads which will allow you to enter the entrance of the mall. It is also possible to reach the mall by bus, by Dubai Metro, and also with the help of an RTA taxi.


This mall is open from 10 AM to 10 PM every day and till midnight from Thursday to Saturday.

The best time to visit

The best time to visit the mall will be spending the entire day right here. The Ibn Battuta Mall has been designed to provide you with entertainment for one whole day. Arrive here whenever it is convenient for enjoying your time to the fullest.

Entry fee

The good thing is that one can enter the mall free of cost, and there is no entry fee whatsoever.