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Dune Buggy Ride Dubai

Are you wondering about adventurous activities in Dubai desert? Then here’s your answer. Enjoy ride and sand dunes in Dubai desert with our Dune Buggy Ride Dubai. Book now and get the best deal.

Tour Detail
Tour Availability: Daily
Quick Buggy Tour (350cc) : AED 400 / Per Person ( 30 Min)
Quick Buggy Tour : AED 750 / Per Person ( 30 Min)
Dune Buggy : AED 1100 / 2 Person ( 1 Hours)
Dune Buggy : AED 1600 / 2 Person ( 2 Hours)
Midday Buggy Tour : AED 1600 / 2 Person ( 2 Hours)
Sunset Buggy Tour : AED 1600 / 2 Person ( 2 Hours)
Complete Buggy : AED 2000 / 2 Person ( 2 Hours)
Sunny Side Up Trail Blazer : AED 2500 / 1 Person ( 3 Hours)
Pick up & Drop: Optional
Pickup Time: Depending on availability

When in Dubai, it’s foolishness to not explore the beauty of the desert. Splendor over the endless red sand dunes and gaze into the horizon as you witness a beautiful desert sunset. But how would the exploration go about? Camel rides? Well, that is an option. But if you want to take it to the next level, Dune Buggy ride are the way to go!

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Dube Buggy Ride Dubai Safari Highlights

  • Enjoy the thrilling drive the latest off-road dune buggy
  • Follow your troop leader along the natural trail amongst the dunes
  • Driving and safety instructions will be provided at the start
  • All our dune buggy ride are 4-wheel drive and fully automatic, and equipped with seat belts, roll cages and an off-road suspension
  • You will get exciting photo opportunities all throughout the dune buggy ride trip 
  • The minimum age for driving in 16 years
  • Pick up from your hotel in Dubai if selected this service at the time of booking this tour
  • Insurance is not available for this ride

Dune Buggy Video

Dune Buggy Dubai - 30 min to 3 hours Ride

Quick Buggy Tour – 30 Min – AED 750

Perfect for individual or couple who want to enjoy the thrilling experience of a Buggy ride in Dubai desert. Note: Max 2 people can share and pricing will remain the same.

Rapid Buggy Tour – 1 Hour Duration – AED 1,100

If you are up for a spin through the desert sands in our powerful and state of the art Dune Buggy, then this package is for you. Note: Maximum 2 people can share this Buggy at the same price.

Early Bird Buggy Tours – 2 Hours DurationAED 1,600

If you want to feel the fresh morning breeze in your hair and wish to feel the morning sunshine on you as you watch it on the horizon, this is the package for you. Early riders also get to cruise on freshly blown over dunes that make for a great ride.

Midday Buggy Tours – 2 Hours DurationAED 1,600

If you want to witness the desert at its peak and go dune bashing with the noon sun right above your head, this package will be ideal for you.

Sunset Buggy Tours – 2 Hours Duration AED 1,600

Experience the serene desert landscape during sunset as you watch the sun disappear behind the horizon, all the while ripping up the dunes in your 700 cc / 800 cc / 1,200 cc dune buggy. This is a must for any adrenaline- junky looking to experience something truly extraordinary.

Complete Buggy Excursion – 1/2 Day DurationAED 2,000

This experience includes a 2-hour dune buggy ride through the magnificent dunes of the desert, followed by an authentic desert Bedouin campsite luxury dining experience. It includes magnificent entertainment, sheesha, henna tattoos, a gourmet buffet meal and performances by local talent and belly dancers.

Sunny Side Up Trail Blazer – 3 Hour Tour AED 2,500

This is for those who wake up and hit the road. 3 hours of incredible morning extreme dune bashing along with the most iconic morning landscapes in the world. Get you’re a dose of the morning sun and start the day on an adrenaline high.

Note: During the period from 20th December to 10 January 2023, there will be an additional surcharge of AED 25 to AED 50 per person.


Cancellation Policy

  • All the cancellations made 48 hours before the trip would be completely refunded.
  • All cancellations made within the 48 hours’ time would be 100% chargeable.
  • If you are eligible for any refund, the amount would be returned to your account within 7 -14 business days.

Frequently Asked Questions on Dune Buggy

What’s the best time of the day when I should go for the Dune Buggy Safari?

The sun gets absolutely scorching later in the day in this part of the world. Therefore, it’s advisable that you go for Dune Buggy Safari early in the morning between 7 and 9am when the sunrays are still a bit mild

What should I war on this activity?

To protect yourself from the scorching sunlight and the sand, we suggest that you wear a long-sleeved T-shirt/top/shirt and pair it with trousers. You should also wear footwear that covers your feet well. Do wear a hat/cap to protect your eyes from the sun.

Is it safe to go on a dune buggy ride?

Whether you choose to go on the ride on your own or in the company of an expert, trust us, the sport is absolutely safe. Not just the seats, the entire buggy is so built, it slides through the sand dunes effortlessly keeping you completely safe.

What are the different buggy types available?

The different buggy types available are-

  • Single seat dune buggy

  • Double seat dune buggy

  • Triple seat dune buggy

  • Quadruple seat dune buggy

What important tips should I bear in mind?

  • Dress appropriately so you can protect yourself from sand and sunlight

  • If you aren’t comfortable riding a buggy alone, hire a driver

  • Fasten the harness and belts tightly

  • Carry enough water

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