Qasr Al Muwaiji

Qasr Al Muwaiji

This was originally the home of the Al Nahayan royal family. The founder of UAE Sheikh Khalifa was born here. Earlier it was a base for administration, but today it is a top tourist destination. It is very beautiful and it is steeped in history. Want to know more about this place? Keep reading.

Qasr Al Muwaiji

Things To Do at Qasr Al Muwaiji

Today, the venue has been converted into a beautiful exhibition hall. The art here educates you on the life of the early settlers. You also get to know about the chronological history of the royal family and their connection with Qasr Al Muwaji. Most importantly, it showcases all that has been achieved by Sheikh Al Nahyan.

The good thing about this museum is that it has many performances and interactive activities that will give you a glimpse of the cultural significance of this place. The museum also highlights how important water is to this place and Muwaji Oasis. The place has approximately 20,000 palm trees with a conventional falaj, which utilizes water from the underground. The oasis is certainly a fabulous place to hang out with your family. A complete tour of this place takes about an hour.

Quick Facts

This was declared a heritage site by UNESCO. This not only serves as an oasis or a home but it was also a place of governance. This was a venue where the community would meet. As this gained a lot of importance over the years, Sheikh Sultan Nahyan expanded its structure. He added accommodations for guests, kitchens, and diwan buildings. During the early 1970’s restoration work was done for the compound and the place was given a major facelift.

Opening Hours

The venue remains closed on Monday. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday it stays open from 9 in the morning to 7 pm. On Friday it is open from 3 pm to 7 pm.

What are The Entrance Fees

This place has no fee for entrance.

How to Reach Qasr Al Muwaiji?

This is located on Zayed Street and you can take public transport or private transport to reach here. The place has a big parking space, but you need to book your tour in advance.  You could also hire the services of a tour operator to take you to this museum.

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Best Time To Visit Qasr Al Muwaiji

The local people visit this place all year round, but if you are a tourist then you should visit during the winter months as the temperature will be very comfortable.