Things to Do in Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

Experience these mind-blowing activities to do in Atlantis the Palm, Dubai: This city that magical city of dreams, offers unending opportunities for fun& enjoyment. Stunning beaches, shopping malls, amusement parks, gaming zones, desert safaris – you name it, Dubai has it. And one of the major tourist attractions in this attraction-filled megalopolis is the Atlantis, The Palm.

This luxurious resort at Palm Jumeirah, Dubai offers a mind-boggling array of activities. Be it water parks, dolphin viewing centers, helicopter tours, or gastronomic ventures – the Atlantis, The Palm would continue to amaze you at every step. Below, let us take you through the top 11 things to do in Atlantis, The Palm, and Dubai.

1. Breakfast at Kaleidoscope

Breakfast in Dubai Street

Start your day at the Atlantis, The Palm, with a bang! Head for Kaleidoscope, one of the most-visited restaurants at this place, for some delectable breakfast. This buffet restaurant would welcome you with a big spread, consisting of Asian, continental, and local Arabian cuisine. Eat to your heart’s content – and don’t forget to savor the syrupy sweet pancakes in the end! This is going to be one gastronomic delight you won’t forget.

2. Aquaventure Waterpark

Aquaventure Waterpark

The thrilling Aquaventure Waterpark promises loads of fun & excitement for kids and adults alike. Rides like Slitherine, Aquaconda, and Zoomerango are sure to take your breath away! Splash around in the various games, enjoy some quietness at the 500 meters-long private beach, or try your luck at negotiating the multiple interconnected river rapids. Complete the day with a feast from any of the multiple restaurants here.

3. The Avenues & Legends Of Atlantis Stores

Shops in Dubai Mall

What is Dubai without some shopping? In fact, lots of it! And Atlantis, The Palm won’t disappoint you on this count, either. The top global brands are all present at the various signature outlets here. Be it clothes, souvenirs, luxury cosmetics, elegant footwear, or any other collectible, you can it all here. Even though they may not be very light on the pocket, their jaw-dropping quality is something you won’t mind paying extra for.

4. Lost Chambers Aquarium

Lost Chambers Aquarium 

For an exciting glimpse of the magical marine life, go for the Fish Tale Tour in the Lost Chambers Aquarium. Watch sharks, stingrays, jellyfish, etc. from up close, observe them during their feeding time, and get to know a lot about these wonderful animals and their upkeep. You would be engrossed, surrounded by these wonders of the deep.

5. Dolphin Bay

Dolphin show Dubai

Getting up close with these super-intelligent marine animals is always a treat. And that too, for every age group. Let an expert first brief you about these beautiful creatures, about their life, food, habit and many interesting facts. And then, take a plunge into the pool and swim with these beauties, as they come close to you. Play with them, kiss them, and have a frolicking time! You could also go for a scuba dive with the dolphins.

6. Helicopter Tour

Helicopter stands at helipad

The wondrous Atlantis, The Palm would look even more fantastic from up in the air. So go ahead and book yourself a helicopter tour of this beautiful site. Soar over the magnificent skyscrapers and be overawed by the grandeur of Atlantis. There are various packages for you to choose from. Book a shorter trip that simply takes you above the Atlantis – or go for the hour-long option and fly over Dubai’s iconic landmarks.

7. Head to Bread Street Kitchen for Lunch

Feeling the hunger pangs after all that activity? Not to worry – simply make a beeline for the Bread Street Kitchen. Run by world-famous star chef Gordon Ramsay, this is among the best British restaurants in the entire region. Some of the flagship items like fish and chips, beef wellington, roasts, and toffee pudding are sure to make you crave for more. Fill yourself up as you watch the city from the open-air terrace tables (of course, only in the winter months!)

8. Sea Lion Point

Sea Lion

The Sea Lion Point is a specially-designed lagoon, housing adorable sea lions. You can swim with them and go for cuddling as well, creating shutter-happy moments. Watch them perform playful stunts and also spend some time with their trainers to get to know interesting snippets about these animals. A thoroughly enjoyable time awaits you here, for sure.

9. ShuiQi Spa

Feeling tired after all those swimming and other activities? Time to rejuvenate yourself at the ShuiQi Spa. Various luxury spa treatments are sure to put your body at rest, while also ensuring deep comfort for your mind. Feel relaxed as the fusion of traditional and modern therapeutic measures make you feel completely at ease. ESPA treatments are also available for some skin healing. And don’t miss the aromatherapy experience here.

10. Ambassador Lagoon

Time for some underwater exploration again. Visit the vibrant underwater Dubai world in the Ambassador Lagoon. The hypnotically beautiful azure waters of the lagoon will mesmerize you as thousands of eye-catching marine creatures welcome you by swimming around you. Be it scuba diving, snorkeling, or simply an underwater trek – the Ambassador Lagoon will leave you spellbound.

11. Atlantean Flyer Zipline Ride

Jebel JaisZipline

Let’s close with some adrenaline-pumping activity! Get on to the Atlantean Flyer Zipline – the first zipline in the world to be integrated into a waterslide tower. Among the Middle East’s longest zipline circuits, this ride promises some pulsating moments for the adventurous-hearted! Glide down the zipline at speed of 150 km/hour as you soak up the magnificent views of Atlantis, The Palm.

Final Word

These are among the most popular things to do nearby Atlantis The Palm, Dubai. If you know of any other similar places in nearby areas, then do let us know.